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Hey! It’s summer and Malaysia is always summer!!

Don’t you feel dehydrated?

Well, I’m super thirsty all the time!!



Daily skincare routine has become crucial especially during MCO, when we are at home all day long.

It seems like skipping the skincare routine it’s normal for everyone during this period of time, because we are not going anywhere, not meeting anyone out there.

And then, we’ll be going to face the crucial side effects very soon! Haha~

Don’t ever find an excuse to skip your skincare routine, because you gotta pay double or triple to refine it…

While I’m looking for suitable face masks to save my skin, I found a solution.

Bare for Bare skincare is one of my recent favorite after I have tired…

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5 reasons why I enjoy having it:


I have super sensitive skin to take care of, and this is challenging whenever it comes to choosing the right product to apply.

Bare for Bare sheet masks is proven with professional research and development.

They combined both botanical and probiotic technology that naturally soothe and protect sensitive skin.



When is your last time putting on a mask and having your own sweet time?

No matter how life carries on, never forgot to pamper yourself, because you deserve all great things!

bare for bare sheet masks


How long you never surprise your loved one or your beloved friends?

You don’t need a reason to make people around you happy, you just need to take a little action to make their day feels great!

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Rosemary body series is richly infused with Rosemary essential oil that keeps me relaxing and hydrating all day long.

Wash the day away with Rosemary's body wash and lotion that infused with the essential oil to keep my daily mood shine!

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Bare for bare probiotics sheet masks are pretty affordable and worth for the results.

They look good, feel good and the offers are always good. Most importantly, they are now all having 15% off!

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You will get complimentary of these with 【MIYAKI15】 promo code:

  • Botanical Soap
  • FREE Shipping with purchase of RM50
  • A sheet mask

***Promotion ends after 30th June 2020



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