Bath, UK

Bath, a peaceful place with Romans style. At first, Bath isn't in my plan in UK until it recommended by one of my friend who stay nearyby.  Ofcourse, after some of the research i did in Google, this places really attract me until the MAX!!!!! You will never regret to take a 8 hours journey to explore in BATH, it is more than WORTH!

Many of you might curious about what is the special in Bath and what shall we do there. Bath are developed into an elegant town with neoclassical Palladian buildings in the combinations of harmoniously with the Roman Baths. Bath is actually a small city and i really like it because you can just reach a tourist spot randomly whenever walking on the street. The farest attraction spot which only takes about 15 min walk or less than that. 


SHU students, how do you travel there?

  1. Bus from Sheffield to London, transit to Bath (THE MOST AFORDABLE WAY!)

    • Cost about £33.86 (2 way / pax)
  2. Bus from Sheffield to Bath

    • Cost about £40++ (2 way / pax)
  3. Train from Sheffield to Bath

    • Most expensive compare to bus


Where to stay in BATH?!!

Out of so many different hotels and accomodation we have research, these are the short listed:

University of Bath City Centre

1. University of Bath City Centre (Campus in the centre of the city) 

  • Affordable price are about £160 – double bed for 2 nights (weekdays)
  • Students accomodation
  • Room – clean & bright
  • Comfortable
  • Breakfast included
  • Sharing Kitchen is available (you can shop at groceries shop & prepare for supper!)
  • Strategic places: 

    • 3 min walk to Thermae Bath Spa, Theatre Royal & the main shopping centre
    • 5 min walk to The Roman Baths & Bath Abbey

You can check the prices and book your hotel with


Abbey hotel 

2. Abbey hotel 

  • Price are about £294 – double bed for 2 nights  (weekdays)
  • 4-stars hotel
  • breakfast included with extra charges
  • Strategic places: 

    • 2 min walk to Roman bath & Bath Abbey
    • 5 min walk to Bath Spa Railway Station

You can check the prices and book your hotel with or visit their website 


Places you should visit in Bath!

roman bath
Roman Bath

1. Roman Bath – Entrance fees £13.75 (students rate with international student ID)

  • Suggestion of visiting hour: 7pm — so you can enjoy both view of before and after sunset

Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey

2. Bath Abbey – FOC for entrance, it's up to you to give them a donations about £2

  • Late Medieval church with a Victorian Gothic interior design

royal done
Royal Crescent 

3. Royal Crescent 

  • It is a row of 30 terraced houses laid out in a sweeping crescent


4. Circus

  • A historical architectural landmark featuring curved townhomes around a circular grassy area

[caption id="attachment_1423" align="aligncenter" width="979"]River Avon Pulteney Bridge

5. Pulteney Bridge on the River Avon

  •  One of the world's most beautiful bridges.
  • A historic bridges in the world with shops built into it

Thermae Spa

6. Thermae Bath Spa – Entrance fees £35 / pax, weekdays (2 – 2.5 hours)

  • A rooftop spa where you can enjoy the view of Bath


7. One day trip to Stonehenge

  • Stonehenge is the place where you can see the stones from your desktop's window!

Sally Lunn bunn
Sally Lunn bunn

8. Food & beverage that you should try in BATH:

  • BATH attractive cafes, click here for the close up images and short listed details!


Last but not least, overall expenditure for bath's trip are roughtly below £200 (including accomodations & transport)


It's your turn to make a move to bath and… ENJOY!









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