Boracay Island ❤

“Let it go! Let it go……” my phone ring again!

I can’t recall how many call or text I received for asking about Boracay trip.

Most of my friends are very curious about Boracay,

a beautiful paradise when they saw my update on Facebook and Instagram.

I would like to answer it in a simple way, my new blog!

I’m excited about having my new blog @ a new home

but I’m sure you are more interested about Boracay trip info! xP


Boracay White Beach


Boracay is a very beautiful island which also known as Asia Maldives.

Boracay located in Philippine, a country with many beautiful islands.

Let me share with you a little bit about Boracay’s culture.

In Boracay, the shop lot and houses looks mini and cute.

Most of them make use of bamboo DIY as house gate.

The cutest thing with recycle concept I found out,

they use the bark of coconut tree as road shield in alley.

Between, Philippian are very friendly, polite and honest.

They make me feel great to travel there.






It’s my 4D3N trip in Boracay.

This is actually not enough for me who loves the sea and beach so much!

I fall in love with the powdery white sand and crystal clear blue ocean

which you can enjoy all these along the White Beach.

Don’t border about your slipper, your hair,

your make-up and blah blah blah…

Just run along the beach!

The beauty of the island makes you goes MAD!



Alright, here’s my Boracay Island trip sharing.


It’s a business and traveling couple trip.

We decided to take Air Asia airline to Kalibo airport.

It takes 3 hours to reach Kalibo airport from KLIA2, Malaysia.

Most of the Malaysian takes a direct flight to Kalibo airport.

It is just a small airport with only 2 immigration counters.

This might takes you sometime to queue.

When you reach Kalibo,

register an unlimited data with only 300Peso for 5 days usage available

“if you are a super network user”

There are also few choices for you with different available day’s package.

All packages are unlimited data, no worries about that.

You can access the network even though you are located in middle of the sea while snorkeling!

After we register the network data,

we reach Caticlan Jetty Port by van which takes around 1.5 hours

and take another 15 minutes boat ride to Boracay Island.

 Take Tricycle to reach your hotels when you reach Boracay Island.


P/S: There’s also alternative choice where you can take your flight to Manila then transfer the flight to Carticlan airport which can reach Caticlan Jetty port in 5 minutes. However, we realized that there’s a huge different in pricing compare to taking a direct flight to Kalibo airport which is more preferable unless you want to travel in Malila before Boracay Island.




White Beach with powdery white sand and crystal clear Blue Ocean is the main attraction in Boracay Island.





It has divided into 3 sections, station 1, 2 and 3.

The hotel along the White Beach is slightly costly, crowded and easily fully

Therefore we prefer the resort which is located nearby another beach

which only takes you 8 mins by walking to White Beach.



We were staying in “The Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast” for 3 nightsCIMG4266

and we satisfy with them with providing a reasonable price and quality services.

By the way, you may book the others hotel or resort through before your trip.

There are also many others choices.

If you enjoy nightlife, station 1 and station 2 are more preferable which is very happening during night.



D’mall is a place for you to hunt food and shopping.

D’mall and White Beach is very happening during night.

Beers are realy cheap in Boracay!

If you are a drinker, I would like to introduce you their famous beers like

”San Migual, Light San Migual and Red Horse”

For me, I would prefer San Migual Beer with great taste

and cost you only 48peso in Budget Market!

Restaurant in D’mall and White Beach are more preferable on western and Korean food.

There’s a night market at “D’talipapa” which cost you 60peso to reach there by tricycle.

Buy your souvenir there with cheaper price compare to D’mall and White Beach.

You can also take your dinner there with a lower price!



Special Water Sport is attractive in Boracay!

We tried Helmet Diving!

Can you imagine how we walk under the sea and how we breathe with the 25kg weight helmet?

It’s really cool and great experience!







We also take the Island hopping package which cost only 700peso included lunch meal.

Island Hopping takes about 6 hours.

Island Hopping include snorkeling.

We saw many different types star fish even the orange one like the home deco accessories!

It’s really great and have lots of fun!

They also bring us to Crystal Cove which needs extra 200peso as entrance fee.

There’s another crystal clear lake which you can swim inside the cove.













There are various choice of massage service there.

We decided to pick the full body massage service for 60minutes.

Of course there’s also other choice which cost you more especially on the beach and D’mall.

Between, maybe you can try to reduce the given price if is too costly.

They probably will try to satisfy with you.



My Boracay Trip Expenses:

Expenses Peso
Air ticket depart & return 3680
Van to reach Jetty        200
Van to reach airport           175
Boat Ticket 25
Boat Ticket for Return 25
Terminal Fees 30
Environmental fee                         70
Tax (i can't remember the exact one) 25-50
​Tricycle to hotel (Share by 2 person) 200
Tricycle to D’talipapa (Share by 2 person) 50
Tricycle to Jetty (Share by 2 person) 120
Hotel USD38 per night x 4 (Share by 2 person) USD152
Island Hopping 700
Helmet diving 750
Souvenir   1000
Massage   350
Food & Beverage   1200
Airport tax   700
Total  9115






Tips for Travel in Boracay:

  • Share the tricycle with others to get cheaper price
  • Take 200peso van to Caticlan Jetty Port instead of 250peso include boat ticket.

(Boat ticket only cost you 25peso per person)

  • D’talipapa food cost you cheaper if here’s no promotion in White Beach restaurant.
  • Buy breads with your coins because the money is too small for you to use.

(You can stand by the bread during island hopping if you get hungry)

  • Buy beers from budget market, it’s CHEAP!
  • Don’t finish your money, there’s 700peso airport tax where you need to pay during return!






I really enjoy a lot, and refresh myself through Boracay trip.

I loves to play the sand with my foot when I take my meal.

Through the trip, I learn something from their culture,

Some lesson for me to bring home.

Philippians are really friendly.

Even though you are not buying their products but asking for info,

They really lend their hands with smile.

This is actually a good inspiration which need to influence the other countries.

“Smile is a prettiest thing you can wear”

Yup, it’s true! A simple smile makes a different world,

Make you looks different,

Makes you positive!

We not only smile and bring happiness to our self,

We also influence others and the world…

I always learn something through a little tiny matter.

Always being LoveLife, love yourself, love what you do, love everything in you!

“Positive” is the words for me to describe them.

They gives me positive energy to refresh my brainstorm…

If you looking for a place to relax, release stress or travel,

Trust me, Boracay Island is a good choice.




Pack your bag now with sunblock and sunglasses!

I’m sure you will fall in love with Boracay!

The Asia's Meldives.



Waiting to aboard

View from the plane

Ready to land

Finally reach

In the boat heading to Boracay Island


Foot on Boracay Island White Beach


First dinner in Boracay, taste great!


Make new friends


A must to try this beer, fantastic!


Relaxing on the beach with music!


Served as queen in the next day morning


Resort breakfast as great as you seen!


Put on sunblock, just go around the beach













Kick start with a cup of coffee before water sport activities


Ready for helmet diving


He is really strong enough to control the way of the boat, Salute!!


Enjoy mango yam ice cream under hot sun


My nose starting sun burn… haha



Go around the island




Love everywhere









Playing around


sea monster? hahaha


We love sea, we love life, we love people around us


Appreciate things in my hand…




Good tricycle driver


A must for me to do in Boracay is play the sand while having meal! This is just so great!


Say goodbye to Boracay, i'll be back again!

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