Tips and Trip to Cambridge, UK

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Unexpectable things happened everywhere…

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Tips and Trip to Cambridge, UK

What comes to your mind when we talk about Cambridge?

A place which surrounded with universities, Cambridge English, or?

Wondering how Cambridge got its name?

A bridge was built over the River Cam named as Cam-bridge.

A name as simple as this and it's famous enough to amaze you!


bridge done

Basically, i'm staying at Sheffield which takes roughly about 2 hours+ to reach Cambridge by bus. The most concern topic is always related to budget. It only takes £12 for the transport fees from SHU. Prepare your own lunch box because picnic in Cambridge with your friends is the most precious moment you  will enjoy! That's the only expenses if you are not planning to buy anything here. Sounds cool? 


Cambridge is a city full of historical buildings which is surrounded by natures. As what we know, Cambridge is a city with 31 different Universities. Besides, it's not like what I expected, I thought it will be a dull and boring city. Whether you believe it or not, every single building here is just like an art. This is what i admire the most in UK. No matter where you are, as long as a camera or smart phone is in your hand, you can always get a best photo! My eyes is busy capturing every single beauty of nature here!




So what shall we do in Cambridge?


#1 Punting on a river Cam

punting in cambridge

Make sure you book a punting tour once you reach Cambridge. I would like to suggest you to book it earlier so you have an overall idea about Cambridge. Punting is perhaps no better way of enjoying the beautiful scenary of Cambridge. We can just sit back and relax whilst admiring the beautiful scenery. A handsome boatman will narrate and introduce you the strories about Cambridge. The short tour covers many well-known historial places and artistic nature scenary of interest and the guide will also details their story. Girls, let me share you some tips… Most of the boatman are super handsome! Never miss the chance to gap zai! Well, if you want to experience more adventururous, feel free to hire a punt for self-guided tour or you can do it yourself, maybe?


#2 Cambridge bike tour

miyaki lee
my personal bike in Cambridge… hahaha


The geography of the region is typically flat which creates the perfect conditions for cyclist at all ages especially for you, youngsters! However, it is impossible for you to explore the whole city within few hours. In Cambridge, many local inhabitants use cycles to go about their daily routine. If you are interested, there's also a Cambridge bike tours available for the tourist to the best place to photograph the magnificent Kings College Chapel, an architectural wonder and defining feature of the city.


#3 Cambridge University

done 1 cambridge


As I mentioned above, there's 31 universities in Cambridge with the gothic and vintage architechture that inspired by the western culture. These universities dominate the town and provide an excellent atmosphere such as cobbled courts, gardens, rivers and bridges which play their part in creating an area of beauty and tranquility. Some of the most famous universities among the 31 universities in Cambridge such as King's College, St John, St Mary, Trinity college and others. However, most of the University require to pay for the tour fees. Please bring along your SHU ID (students card) for discount. Furthermore, the normal price for King's college tour fees will be about £9, with SHU ID, you are able to enjoy the discount which you only have to pay £6. Let's travel smart!



#4 Have a picnic



Picnic is a must in Cambridge! Prepare your lunch box and enjoy it in the garden or on field. This is a very common activitiy in UK especially during the summer. Feel the summer's sunshine on you and get sunburn, experience it like me and enjoy your sunburn skin. Hahaha!! you will regret like me if you never apply sunblock during summer! 


#5 Enjoy a cup of coffee in cafe's street 



Honestly, i'm a coffee person. I need coffee badly no matter where I visit. If you are a coffee lover too, I bet you surely like their vintage street cafe. Take your time and explore their culture in the cafe is one of the best experiece for me. You can easily get a vintage architecture cafe along the street. Make sure you feedback to me here, and let me know which one you prefer. Maybe i should try it next time!




Lastly, don't forget to take plently of pictures whenever you visit because you can grab a lot of nice spot for pictures everywhere! 



Crazy gang in UK

miyaki lee
Crazy gang in UK


miyaki lee

miyaki lee


bike in Cambridge

trips to uk


punting river cam


drink in Cambridge
try this! it taste like Moet!

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