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Canmake Malaysia new products range has finally launched in Malaysia during March 2019!!!

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Thanks for having me during the Canmake new products launching in Play Up store, Time Square. 

I'm glad to withness Canmake Malaysia launched a series of products with the theme of Fairy’s Secretland which included the element of fairy, dried flower, woods and the theme colours of dark red, wine red, cherry, burgundy, dried rose, dusty rose which matched with colour of the new products! 

These colour series that lets girls heart explode had sold out in Japan!!

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There is a total of 10 new launched products including blusher, lipstick, base, powder and eyeshadow. These can be found at selected store such as Aeon, Wellness, SaSa, PlayUp Advance, Guardian and Hermo online store. 


Curious about the products??

Let’s explore the whole series of these latest PRODUCTS:

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beauty blogger Malaysia

beauty blogger Malaysia

beauty blogger Malaysia

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beauty blogger Malaysia

beauty blogger Malaysia

Snap it ALL up before Canmake new launch series run out of stock!!


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Comments your most creative captions for the photo below, 

We will pick 3 most outstanding captions for CANMAKE new launched cosmetic 






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Please leave your instagram ID after your comments,

winner will be announce on 5th of April through instagram!!

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  1. Vic Vic says:

    you the only one “canmake “me lost of control

  2. Lovell says:

    I CAN MAKE you feel my eyelash!

  3. Catherine says:

    Miyaki CANMAKE you looks pretty

  4. Canmake my lesh look longer? Let’s show the miracle moment by few swipe

  5. Annaleo says:


  6. vkyo_ says:

    Stare into my eyes while I flutter my lashes in yours. Canmake-canmake everyone mesmerizing with the slightest touch!
    Instagram ID: vkyo_

  7. Lydia Pua Yi Lin says:

    但遇到miyaki Canmake后
    miyaki Canmake everybody be pretty
    miyaki Canmake 那不可能的你
    miyaki Canmake 完成你的梦想
    miyaki Canmake 完成你对外表的渴望
    miyaki Canmake you be “girl god”


  8. wincy says:

    You are my sunshine, you Canmake my eye “bling bling”like sunshine

  9. See says:

    You are the one and only that ‘canmake’ me spend money on you.

  10. Won Ye says:

    Surround yourself with makeup, not negativity ! <3
    instagram @anmesxh

  11. Vki says:

    Find love through my fluttering lashes. I canmake you fall in love in the blink of an eye.

    Instagram ID: vkyo_

  12. Siaowei says:

    Each one of us CANMAKE a difference. Together we CANMAKE change.

    IG: siaowei_

  13. Cheris says:


  14. Yyan kuok says:

    Canmake me confident!

    Instagram ID: yyankuok

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