Dr. Wu Gultalight Whitening Skincare Series – Effective Skin Whitening Tips in 7 Days!

miyaki lee

The first thing people tell me when they saw me after I came back from my last Hong Kong + Macau trip is “Miyaki you look so dark, and your skin look so dull, what have you done during your trip?” I was under the sun for almost all the time for my last trip especially when we were in Macau Galaxy water park playing all the water sports and taking pictures under the direct sun during their summer season. Though I did as much sun protection, using the highest SPF sun block, I’m officially two shade darker, or it should be three shade darker! The worst thing about it, I took extra dull…


Summer have finally come to an end, but the sequela left behind is not recovered yet even my next trip is around the corner!


miyaki lee

I’m so glad that Dr. Wu send me their all new Glutalight Intensive Whitening Series for product review, just in a right time when I need it before my next trip. Including their latest star products such as toner, lotion, serum, eyes serum and daily renewal serum.


Toner Skincare



Moisturizer and translucency improver.

A serum-like toner that can quickly achieve all-in-one whitening effect. The improved formula are able to soothe my skin, with whitening and moisturizing effects, effectively decrease the appearance of pigmentation and lightens dull and uneven skin tone. 




Repairs skin, making it bright and shiny

This is a lotion with lightweight creamy texture, is the very first to use the Japanese-patented “Glutalight™” whitening formula. It can also soothe and moisturize the skin.


serum skincare


Stops melanin on every level: the complete whitener

Packed with the highest concentration of whitening ingredients. It evens uneven skin tone and lighten dark spots, keeps me in looking radiant within one bottle for a rapid and longer lasting whitening effect. 


miyaki lee


Removes darkness and improves firmness

A lightweight textured eye serum to improve firmness and reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eye area.


renewal serum

Daily Renewal Serum 15ml, RM129

Lower concentration of Mandelic acid

Suitable for sensitive or dry skin

Daily renewal serum consists of Mandelic acid is one of the mildest ways for us to fasten our skin metabolism rate, helping us get rid of dead skin cell, hence, our acne scar or big pores can recover faster. Because it is used to renew our skin, it helps me to improve my skin tone, minimize pore size and remove blackheads/ whiteheads.



I used Dr. Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening series continuously for 7 days. There is no kidding that my skin can achieve a fairer skin that is radiant moisturized supple and resilient in just a week with the effective and noticeable results. 

Dr. Wu Glutalight series products is alcohol free, and it is gentle enough for sensitive skin like me. I can literally feel that flawless and porcelain skin is no longer only exclusive for celebrities, but for us, beauty fans as it uses Glutathione the main ingredient for whitening injection. Thus, we can skip the whitening pills and injections.


miyaki lee


Futhermore, we know that whitening and moisturizing is the king for skin, in order to prevent a dark and dull skin, I’m glad that I met Dr. Wu’s Glutalight series products as my daily skincare routine. 


See My Daily Skincare Routine from AM to PM After Cleanser

miyaki lee whitening skincare


Can’t wait for a brighter porcelain perfect skin every day! 


Head on over to Dr. Wu Malaysia official site 

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to learn more or visit Sasa outlets nationwide and try it out yourself!


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