How to Shape Your V-Face in 1 Minute!


How to shape your ideal V-Face without surgery? 

With this magic pen, you can look “V” in just a minute!

Let’s check it out!



maybellineAre you wondering how to look good in front of the camera especially with the big and round faces?

No worries, I have been through all these questions like YOU!

Now, with Maybelline V-face duo stick, I can shape my ideal face with a second of blinking my eyes!




So, how to shape your V-face in 1 minute?

Let’s see how I use it CORRECTLY!


The Maybelline V-face duo stick consists of 2 sides, which is dark and light shade. 
Well, the dark shade is used to modify the face while the light shade is to highlight. 


Dark shade: Apply along the jawline and hollows of cheeks, then blend well. 
Light Shade: Apply on the high point of the face such as the top of cheeks and bridge of the nose, then blend well. 



So easy as you can just “gao dim” in a minute!

Hence, with this magical stick, you can say bye bye to all your Photoshop apps!

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