How to change iphone ringtone without itunes 如何设置iphone铃声?

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How to change iphone ringtone without itunes 如何设置iphone铃声?

Let's share a JOKE! I've learned to set my iphone ringtone for 6 years and FINALLY, i'm able to change my IPHONE ringtone!

Are you kidding me? Nope! Seriously, i always have problem in self study… Well, if i can make it, why can't you? 

How to change iphone ringtone without itunes? Let's do it!!



iphone用户不论对苹果是多么的忠心,无可否认,设置铃声是多数iphone lover的噩梦!

如何设置iphone铃声呢? 今天,我们不需要itunes,也可以简单的设置iphone铃声!


First of all, you should download 2 apps as shown below



1) Document 5

iphone ringtone

2) Garage Band (If you are an apple user previously since 2014, this apps will be free, or else it will charge.)

iphone ringtone

Before we start, PLEASE TAKE NOTE:

When you download song from "document 5" apps, please search by {singer + song + 铃声}

Eg: celion dion because you love me 铃声

Select the ringtone from:



当使用“document 5” apps 搜寻歌曲时,记得使用这格式 【歌手 + 歌曲 + 铃声】

例子: 金志文 + 最浪漫的事 + 铃声


Sit back, watch below video and change your favourite ringtone NOW! 开始咯~

For further iphone function user manual, you can refer to: 

想要知道更多的iphone 功能,可以浏览以下网址哟:

Iphone user manual


Hope to hear from you from below comment if this is helpful for you!



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  1. Mr.Z says:

    commended. useful… ^^

  2. Eric says:

    Thanks Miyakiiiii.
    Its really work ! Finally my phone is with my favourite song as ringtone

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