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how to look slim instantly

3 months!           3 months!          3 months!

It’s already 3 months when I was keep saying it’s time for me to go for GYM workout!

After 3 months, I’m still here, gaining my weight… … T^T

How to look slim instantly? It pops up in my mind nonstop…

Well, It’s really difficulty for us to squeeze a little time for exercise and maintain the bodyline with hectic schedule.

When there are many jobs to come, assignment to rush, events to attend, products for shooting… bla bla bla~

My brain will definitely pop up the words “Aiya… I’ll do my work out tomorrow bah~!”

Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow, it has never end.

How to look slim instantly?????


Everyone know that I love dessert!

People usually ask me how I maintain my weight and bodyline.

Before this, I loved dancing. But busy lifestyle makes me choose for options, and then I sacrifice my dancing time.

When I make up my mind to go for GYM, busy lifestyle beat it down.

Yes, busy, busy and busy… They won!


2 weeks ago, finally I had discovered a win-win solution!

I got a sponsored on a slim wear products and this is really amazing!

Forget about how weirdo you looks like, it just reshapes a perfect bodyline just in a second!

Within a second, I look 2 SIZE SMALLER!!!  

“X2 smaller! X2 smaller! X2 smaller!! Instantly shape!”



how to look slim instantly

While wearing Jonlivia, I can feel how it trim my waist inches, sculpt, make it firm and tone my abdomen muscles in the same time!


With Jonlivia, I can say bye to BULGES, ROLLS OR HIP-FAT!

Jonlivia SHAPEWEAR is easy to put on and take off.

Most importantly it is comfortable and BREATHABLE!

Now, I’m not afraid of taking photo in any angle because Jonlivia make me looks good in every angle!


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