Brand Laureate SMEs Best Brand Awards 2017/18

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My 2018 begun with meeting positive and successful people, and feeling sensation of a brand, how about you?

Well, when we talk about sensational, what pops up in your mind?


It is too easy to create a brand nowadays, however, brand sustaining is challenging especially in this digital era. People tend to follow the trend, not the brand! Brand Laureate always hit the point with emphasizing corporate should ensure their companies excite people with their brand so that they can carry substance. Only for those brands with quality are able to shine prominently.

SMEs Best Brand Award 2018 x Miyaki Lee

The Brand Laureate SMEs Best Brands Award 2017-2018 takes us to sensationalize the brands and how a brand sustains successfully! First of all, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the SMEs Awards winners and I’m glad to witness their achievement on the stage.



brand laureate miyaki lee dr kk johan
Dr KK Johan, the president of Brand Laureate

I’m very impressed and agree with the phrase that was mentioned by Dr. KK Johan, the president of BL, “Never rest on your laureate”. We should always remind ourselves that victory is either a beginning or the end. It will always be a good start if we continue to achieve for success, but it can be the end if we rest on our achievement.


brand laureate miyaki lee
Ms Chew, The CEO of Brand Laureate

However, being persistent is difficult, particularly during difficult times and when it appears that no progress is being made. Ms. Chew, the CEO of the BL empowered us with a motivational quote, “Tough times do not last, tough people do”. What remains is the real survival.

SME Best Brand Award 2018
SMEs Best Brand Award 2018

It’s my pleasure being invited by Dr.KK Johan and Ms. Chew to attend the event, who never ceases to motivate me and give me a praise. One of the most memorable moment was the lunch date we had before I went to England for my studies, where they encouraged and inspired me. If you ask me what is the best brand, they are the ones and they deserve the best brand award!

New Straits Time SME BRAND AWARD
News coverage of News Strait Time, one of the most readership newspaper in Malaysia.

“Sensationalize your brand to substantialize it”, New Straits Times exposure would be a great boost and encouragement to the SMEs to garner support. Meanwhile, the SMEs Best Brand Award will promote the development of SMEs and it is a meritorious statesman for local and international business industries.

brandlaureate miyakilee
Oriental dress designed by my favourite designer, Imogeneswen
Alain Robert, Famous free solo climber (Spiderman)

miyaki lee
A very important person to me like my family more than a friend

So many of my smile begin with these important people in my life


miyaki lee
We are ready for the night.

The beautiful Mrs Malaysia Universe 2017 Charity Ambassador


Dress sponsor: Imogeneswen (Designer)


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