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Superhero cafe available in Kuala Lumpur


I think most of the kids had a great time to become a superhero in their childhood. Pretty sure same as me, but my superhero isn’t wonder woman but my beloved dad. Now, another person appear in my life as my superman and he loves superman so much which is the reason I bought him here as one of his birthday surprise.


harry & miyaki


Superhero has become a recent topic with bringing in the movie Superman vs Batman. Do you ever know there’s a café with superheroes theme? Not asking you buy a ticket and fly overseas to search for it but yea, there’s in Malaysia. Yet just so near to us, which you can found it in Kuala Lumpur! This Superhero themed café allocated in Sunway Putra Mall. It’s not only a café but they also sell original superhero products. It's combination of retail shop and café. If you are a superhero lover, you will definitely crazy for it!


DC Comics Super Heros


dc comics super heros


superhero cafe


Superhero cafe in kl


Superhero cafe


batman cafe


The food and beverage in DC Comics Superheroes are all serve with superhero “logo” which really attracting me.  Not only cute but will definitely give you the feeling of “WOW!” (Well, I guess everyone have the big reaction like me, HAHAHA)  


superman batman



One more things I wanted to highlight which is about their services! The crew is really fun and nice! They let us pick the tables, jokes with us, smiling all the time when I turn my face to them and they are so friendly. If you notice their apron, it’s actually batman’s body! Cool right?


superman batman miyaki



These are what I’ve tried for my teatime:



My signature coffee: Smallville Café Mocha – RM16

(It taste good but for me, it’s slightly sweet.)



man of steel

The recommended: Man of Steel Blue Curacao Soda – RM15

(Blue Curacao Soda with pineapple cubes & passion fruits pearls)

I love this so much because as they have the passion fruit pearls which I always craving for it!




Desserts & Sides: Shazam! – RM16.50

(Pancakes with bananas Raisins, Butter, Syrup & Whip cream)





You can actually have a look with the menus and you can decide what you want to order first! Pretty cool isn’t?


comics menu


comics menu


comics menu



Now, all man’s dream comes true! Explore more yourself =) Enjoy~


superman mocha


miyaki lee


miyaki lee


batman miyaki



Experience the Heros around you:

Address:  Unit 2-29, 2nd Floor, Sunway Putra Mall, 50350 Kuala Lumpur

Hours: Monday – Sunday @ 10:00AM–10:00PM

Contact:  +603 7954 6377





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