Take Eat Easy

Take eat Easy bro!

Miyaki BACK again for cafe sharing!!

The cafe people often mention reccently — Take Eat Easy!

Forgot about all the superior comment about this cafe, 

I'd like to share my tried experience!






Well, this cafe really have a comfortable and nice enviroment

Services is just sweet and nice

I do love their services





rsz_20375399034_6cd700b6d0_oJuices serve with light bulb, this is one of the special of the cafe.

Light bulb juices…






Entrance & dining places…





Red velvet & mango cheese cake…

Honestly, nothing special about the cakes

Besides of the appearance…onlineimageresize_com_11260830_10153658223637618_5582156575717331738_n

The tast is just normal 

If you really want to try, 

i think you can consider the fruit cake…






Pizza is great…

Super crunchy as u can see!










onlineimageresize_com_12193703_10153658223412618_3446646743749704126_n Tomyam chicken bread taste GREAT!onlineimageresize_com_12190946_10153658223247618_5741239737752876356_n







onlineimageresize_com_12072618_10153658223342618_4786855421339355532_n onlineimageresize_com_12189531_10153658223452618_1696603694201100709_n onlineimageresize_com_12189686_10153658223597618_5513992073169898345_n



To taste it, here you go:


Take Eat Easy Modern & Bakery Cafe

Address: Wisma Fiamma, Bandar Menjalara, Malaysia

Tel:+60 3-6263 3623



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