Travel Smart Tips – 3 Simple Steps to Save RM10k for a Holiday Trip

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Travel is love, whereas the budget always a crucial part.

A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went

So, let's plan wisely and travel smart!


Step 1: Make a Budget

The first step in saving for a vacation is planning for it.

Before you even think about your savings, think about these:

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    – Where you want to go?

    – Where you want to stay?

    – What do you want to do?




While you’re doing the research, keep a running tally of how much airfare, accommodations, food, activities, souvenir, and your shopping budget cost.


After you’ve planned a vague itinerary, take the total estimated cost and write it on your calendar for your intended date of departure.


Furthermore, count how many weeks until you’d like to leave and divide your cost by the time you need to save. Then, you now know how much you need to set aside each week in order to be able to afford your dream trip.


Don't know where to start? 

This is the budget planner i used to create myself to ease the budget planning process!


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Step 2: Stop Spending RM20

After you have a destination in your mind with a comprehensive budget planning, it's time to plan and allocate your budget wisely. Stop spending RM20 in your life! Whenever you have RM20 in your purse/wallet, keep it, DON’T SPEND!


Let’s see how many RM20 you can save in a month or a year. Never look down on the amount, it’s a big figure if you keep this practice throughout the year!


Well, If you got all the RM20 during withdrawal, remember, don’t spend… You save the RM10 and let God save you! HAHAHA~~~


Okay, let’s break down the amount for a better picture:

1 year        = RM10k

1 month    = RM833

1 day         = RM28


*Which means, you only need to save 1 or 2 RM20 per day!

If you are able to save RM20 every day and you will have RM10k after a year, FANTASTIC!


Not necessarily RM20, you can also replace it with RM5 to RM10, RM50 or RM100. It depends on how much you want to save and how quickly you want a fantastic saving!

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Step 3: Get a Saving Assistant App

IMoney Lover is a budget tool that you can actually set your goal, budget and it will remind you how much you should save per day. Most importantly, it shows the total amount you save, so you know what is the differences between your total saving VS travel budget. Let the tools ease your work, you can monitor your saving easily with the right tool! 


In a nutshell, save an extra RM10k travel budget is not a dream when you practice all these little actions as a daily habit.


Stop dreaming, start saving, and I’ll see you on the flight soon!


Let’s travel smart together! 

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